Hello and welcome to our coven!

We’ve joined forces in a shared vision to create a box that will inspire your wicked holiday.

The witchy items here were designed exclusively for this box and were made with love and care.


Snagglebit Unique art for weird people, & vice versa

This gathering bag is perfect for the witch on the go. It will allow you to carry all your magical items with in reach, and while you wander, you may want to pick your favorite herbs from the garden, or a unique stone from the road. Lightweight, 100% cotton. Printed with original handmade art. Size 38X41.4 cm / 15X16.3 Inch


Viktoria Grimoire Dark Archaeologist | content creator | artist

Handmade Amethyst keychain / pendant - a must-have gem for every witch! with calming properties, it directs a spiritually awareness and releases negative thoughts. Each stone is wire wrapped and one of a kind. You could also wear it close to your heart as a pendant, cord included. Materials: German silver wire, metal alloys, wax cord


Pixel.it Pixelated art for the pixelated heart

Framed pixelated skeleton print. This is a series of 4 uniquely pixelated skeletons. You just received 1 random print in a black frame. I’m sure it found a new loving home! (Please don’t feed after midnight) MDF frame coated with a black wooden-like paper. Frame size: 13x13 cm / 5.12x5.12 inch. Print size: 10x10 cm / 3.93x3.93 inch


Abracadabra Magical handmade items

This natural quality ingredients handmade soap will nourish your skin while the magical fragrance connects you with your inner Goddess. Ingredients: Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Castor oil, Palm butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sea salt, Essential oils: Neroli, Orange, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang. Approx. Weight: 140g


Karin Star Witchy art for magical creatures

Witch hat pin - An essential accessory for every witch! It will bling up any outfit and proudly show the world that you got magic in you! It was created especially for Halloween, but for us, as we all know - every day is Halloween! Material : Zinc alloy, Size: 4 cm / 1.6 Inch

Holy Witches - Halloween Box

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